CEO (VC), Top Management Team Characteristics and KCA University Resilience

by Lucy Simani Wamalwa, KCA University, Kenya

OUTLINE: Team resilience is the ability of the team to adapt, maintain normalcy or bounce back better than before in the face of adversity such as the COVID -19 pandemic. We examine how universities build resilient teams during the pandemic and the VC's role in building resilient teams. We identified the following variables as critical characteristics of resilient teams; trust, integrated decision-making, innovativeness and resourcefulness, and team behaviour integration.


The Influence of Teaching and Learning Technologies to Higher Education in Post Covid-19: Views from University Administrators and Lectures in Ghana

by George Kwadwo Anane, Head of Academic and Students Affairs, University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sunyani, Ghana

OUTLINE: The Covid-19 pandemic brought about temporary school closures throughout the world. The ‘ultimate’ intervention adopted by many institutions was to migrate teaching and learning activities from face-to-face to online or in a blended form to reopen schools. Online teaching and learning appeared to be a popular pathway even for institutions that had not already had online capacities in terms of infrastructure, personnel, finances, software, and hardware. Many of these issues persist post-Covid-19 and will continue to inhibit or enhance education in the future. Using Ghana as a social laboratory, this presentation outlines the perceptions of selected university stakeholders - students, faculty, administrators, and university leaders, about the future of teaching and learning in a post-pandemic higher educational environment.  

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