CALCA (Conecta América Latina – Caribe – Alemania): People, our most valuable asset: how to engage them in a common plan

by Yamila Silva Peralta, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina & Leader of the Researching the Internationalization CALCA Working Group AND by Cristina Eftimie, International Agreements and Cooperation Officer, Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile & CALCA General Coordinator

OUTLINE: If you intend to generate a transnational network of DIES or DAAD Alumni across several countries, and the lack of initial funding and sustainability challenges in international networks (their transnational character, fluidity of commitment, or lack of legal personality) worry you, we welcome you to our session, on November 3rd.

People, our most valuable asset: how to engage them in a common plan” is about strategies that have worked for two years to keep the transnational network of DIES Management of Internationalization Alumni in Latin America and the Caribbean going.

We will share our strategies for sustainability, such as accountability of results generated across the network, or mechanisms to engage people through commitment and ongoing action plans. And we’d love to hear about yours!

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