Eddy Yusuf


Eddy received his PhD in Physics from Florida State University in 2005. His research interest mainly falls in the field of strongly correlated electron systems such as low-dimensional spin systems, quantum dots, and organic superconductors.  At present, Eddy is serving as the Vice Rector for Operational Affairs and Partnership at the Universitas Pembangunan Jaya where he oversees the roadmap and strategic plan as well as derives and implements policies in human capital, internationalization, campus operation, income generation units, and centers of excellence. Within Eddy’s role in strengthening the partnership of the university, he has been leading several international networking initiatives supported by the Humboldt Foundation: 2017 Humboldt Kolleg in Indonesia, 2018 International Workshop, 2019 International Summer School and 2021 International Urban Conference. In 2020, Eddy was selected to participate in the International Deans Course to broaden his knowledge and sharpen his understanding and skill in higher education management in the international context. Currently, Eddy leads UPJ’s team to work on two 3-year grants on institutional capacity building funded by the Humboldt Foundation and the Erasmus+.

Training's expertise

  • Faculty Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Academic Leadership
  • Internationalisation

Spoken languages

  • English

Country of residence

  • Indonesia

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