Adriana Veraza


Director of External Relations/Outreach Dean
Universidad Politécnica de Santa Rosa Jáuregui

Adriana Veraza is the Director of External Relations and the Outreach Dean at the Universidad Politécnica de Santa Rosa Jáuregui. She holds a Bachelor in Administration and a Master in Education titles and ten years of experience in this field, mainly in international education. In the current position she is responsible for directing and coordinating the strategic plan to  link, build and develop the university's relations with the different sectors; productive, social, industrial national and international for the benefit of the university community. Prior to this position she was the head of the Internationalization department, where she designed the strategic plan for the internationalization at the University to open appropriate opportunities for the students. She participated in UNILEAD 2019 with the project “Innovation Academy”.

Training's expertise

  • Internationalisation

Spoken languages

  • Spanish
  • English

Country of residence

  • México

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