NMT 2019-2020: The Kick-off Event in Potsdam


NMT 2019-2020: The Kick-off Event in Potsdam

DIES-NMT | 26 September 2019

The kick-off workshop of the NMT Project 2019-2020, Training of Trainers took place in Potsdam from September 1st to 5th, 2019.

The workshop goal was meant to to strengthen the DIES alumni in their roles as trainers and multiplicators in the upcoming trainings within the NMT programme, which will be carried out later this year and throughout next year.

At the same time, the DIES alumni of the previous cohort of NMT were also invited to Potsdam to participate in the Closing Workshop. The unique setting of two parallel workshops with separate and joint sessions promotes the exchange of knowledge and lessons learnt between the two cohorts. Further it also supports the networking of alumni from different fields of knowledge and background.

Apart from the didactic inputs, the participants of the Training of Trainers workshop also discussed their trainings with experts in their specific fields and their peers. They were further introduced to topics such as project management and evaluation. The 20 alumni from the Closing Workshop had an input on the evaluation result of their cohort at the programme level and exchanged views on the current issue of digitalisation in higher education. As a glimpse into the future a common publication on the NMT programme, its trainings and reforms at the participating higher education institutions was discussed at the Closing Workshop as well.

Except for the separate sessions of Training of the Trainers workshop and Closing workshop, the joint day brought the two cohorts together for exchange of experience, collaboration and networking. The poster session within the joint day, where the alumni presented their trainings to the new cohort, enabled dialogues between the two different cohorts on their specific trainings.

Both workshops were conducted successfully with the support of ten experts from different fields of higher education management from Europe and Southeast Asia.

by Xia Qin