Micro Funds


NMT Micro Funds Projects 2021

In order to promote the further establishment of the multiplication training courses in the target regions and the transfer of the NMT expertise, the NMT Programme has started to support micro projects since 2021.

 The NMT trainers who, as Training Committee members, successfully completed a NMT cohort are eligible to apply for funding up to 4000 Euro for implementing their projects in three action lines, i.e. Training materials and training concept, Publication and Digital platform.

Six projects were supported by NMT Micro Funds in 2021:

Project in Colombia: The team established an E-Hub for internationalisation https://www.globaledcolombia.co/. The E-Hub GlobalEd Colombia concentrates information on publication and case studies on internationalisation of Colombian higher education.

Project in Congo: Team Congo developed a course module on Proposal Writing Manuel de rédaction des propositions de recherché.

Project in Kenya: Team Kenya developed a series of training modules focusing on university leadership training. These are modules on leadership and governance, on digital teaching and learning, on financial management, on project management and strategic planning as well as on strategic human resource management.

Project in Laos: Team Laos produced course videos on quality assurance and modified a web-based SAR writing system.

Project in Tanzania: Team Tanzania developed a training manual on project management.

Project in Uganda: Team Uganda set up an e-learning platform on quality assurance (https://e-learning.uuqaf.org/) and an e-library.