Closing Workshop


NMT Closing Workshop Cohort 19/20

The NMT Closing Workshop of Cohort 19/20 was successfully completed on 14 September 2021.

The workshop is meant to share experience of NMT implementation in different countries, gain insights on the development of higher education management and explore opportunities of networking and cooperation. 19 NMT teams from Latin America, ASEAN, Africa and the Middle East joined this two- day online workshop in two groups, which were set up according to the different time zones.

At the live workshop over Zoom, the NMT alumni trainers reflected their multiplication training and exchanged views on the needs and development in higher education management in their context. Further, they explored networking approaches and cooperation ideas, and discussed possible own contributions for future NMT activities.

Different interactive didactical approaches such as gallery walk, brainstorming, live statistics, etc. were used during the workshop to engage the participants. The workshop was supported by experts in the fields of higher education management from Malaysia and Germany.