2020 Germany, University of Potsdam


The book "Multipliers of Change - Sustainable Capacity Building in Higher Education Leadership and Management" is meant to share the experience of the DIES National Multiplication Trainings (NMT). The full book can be downloaded here.


2021 Micro Funds Project, Kenya


Module Digital Learning and Teaching by Dr. Alice Wechuli Nambiro. Information and Communication Technologies integration is crucial for modern education. Thanks to digitalization it was still possible for higher education institutions (HEI) to operate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic despite the lack of face-to-face classes. This module aims to prepare the chairs of departments of HEI to effectively manage and use digital technologies in teaching and learning.


Module Financial Management in Higher Education Institutions by Dr. Muganda Munir Manini. Ongoing changes in higher education (HE) are often tied with a financial burden. This module aims to increase understanding of the financial management, control, and audit for both specialised finance professionals and non-finance academic and management staff to better adapt to any emerging issues in HEI financing.


Module Leadership and Governance in Higher Education by Prof. Judah Ndiku. Heads of departments and faculty managers at the universities face many challenges in the scope of their responsibilities. This module aims to equip them with the necessary leadership knowledge and skills, including leadership theories and principles, leadership styles, group dynamics and governance in higher education institutions.


Module Project Management by Prof. Julius K. Maiyo. Heads of departments (HoD) are expected to provide academic and administrative guidance in their institutions. Good project management is an important part of that leadership. This module aims to train the HoDs in project planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.  


Module Strategic Human Resources by Prof. Mary Wahome. Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) ensures that on top of benefits, training, and development possibilities for the employee within an organisation, their path is aligned with the goals of other departments as well as the institution’s mission and values. The module provides the learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to combine human resources and organisational strategies.


2021 Micro Funds Project, Tanzania


Project Management in Higher Learning Institutions by Dr. Omary Chillo et al. The book covers the most important areas of project management, including general concepts, project organisation, planning, implementation, and project closing. It is dedicated to academic staff and researchers.


2021 Micro Funds Project, DR Congo


Manual for Writing Research Proposals by Dieudonné Musa Alokpo. In the changing world of HE, the ability to construct attractive research proposals is an important skill. Often those skills are acquired at workshops and forums both in the country and abroad. This booklet aims to provide the knowledge of making competitive research proposals to researchers from both urban and rural areas and has both a scientific and educational function. The booklet is available in French.


2022 Micro Funds Project, Kenya


Module Innovative Pedagogies In Online And Blended Learning In Universities/Higher Education by Prof. Anne K. Nangulu et al. This module aims to convey innovative pedagogical skills necessary for the successful implementation of online or blended teaching at the university level. It combines three unique approaches: Formative Analytics, Teach Back Learning, and Inquiry and Problem-Based Learning.



Module Infusing Innovative Digital Transformation In Training And Learning In Higher Education by Prof. Anne K. Nangulu et al. The COVID-19 pandemic elucidated the need of appropriate online programmes in HEIs. This module covers management, sharing of digital content for learning and training, and designing digital activities, that will keep the learners engaged.



Mitigation Measures And Strategies For Quality Assurance In Online And Blended Learning In Universities/Higher Education by Prof. Anne K. Nangulu et al. This module focuses on effective quality assurance (QA) of the online and blended learning programmes. It contains information and skills relevant to QA in content development, delivery, and evaluation process, as well as using feedback as a tool for QA.